How do I mix SAVOR Shrub Bitters?

We’ve got you! You’ll be off and mixing like a pro in no time. Simply add between 1/2 oz - 1 oz of your favorite SAVOR Shrub Bitters into your favorite cocktail glass. Dilute with 4 oz of whatever else you’re adding- whether it's seltzer and a couple of cubes, hot water for a tea or toddy, or simply "on the rocks." Sweeten with 1 tsp simple syrup. Stir in your favorite spirits or enjoy virgin. It’s that easy! Our Instagram and Facebook feed are cram-jam-packed with easy recipes, often containing ingredients you have at home.
Find recipes for Spiked Strawberry Spritzer, Paris of the South Sour, Lemon Spruce-RITA, Peach Blush Bellini, Orange Spice Toddy and more! (Think: Daiquiri, Whiskey Sour, Margarita, Mimosa, Toddy.) Our adorable little Flight set comes with a beautiful insert full of recipes and spirit pairings, so it’s perfect for a gift or everything you need for your socially distanced tryst!

101 of SAVOR Shrub Bitters Care AKA Getting the Most out of your bottle of SAVOR shrub bitters

Refrigerate- Our shrub bitters are fermented and will slowly continue to ferment and develop a drier flavor at temperatures above refrigeration. Please keep them refrigerated. Shake before using- Settling and particles of fruit and spices are natural! As you can see, our product is made of real and mostly organic ingredients. Real ingredients vary in color and taste, but also settle out! So Shake! ...those bits are where the best flavors are. Replace the lid quickly and tightly between servings. The delightful aromatic top-note will dash out of the bottle like a wee ghostie if you miss this suggestion, so give that lid a final little tighten up before storing in the fridge.

What are SAVOR Shrub Bitters?

SAVOR Shrub Bitters are non-alcoholic aperitif cocktail mixers. When paired with simple ingredients that many keep in their cupboards, SAVOR Shrub Bitters become bar-quality cocktails in under 5 minutes. SAVOR is both the mocktail and the bitters! SAVOR Shrub Bitters are concentrated, pro-biotic rich, and full of #liverlovinbitters.
Each flavor is a new twist on an old favorite, with flavors to make a daiquiri, mimosa, margarita, whiskey sour, Old Fashioned, and more! (See our Instagram and Facebook for cocktail and mocktail recipes.) Each of our Shrub Bitters features a unique set of pleasing top notes, such as anise, in addition to the deep earthy bitter flavors and sweet ripe whole fruits, setting SAVOR’s Shrub Bitters apart from other non-alcoholic aperitifs, shrubs, or bitters.

What is an aperitif?

SAVOR’s Shrub Bitters are an homage to a global tradition of aperitifs, such as absinthe, nocino, amaro, pastis. (Popular brands including: Ouzo, Anisette, Fernet, or Pernod.) An apéritif is an alcoholic beverage usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite, and is therefore usually dry rather than sweet. In that tradition, SAVOR’s Shrub Bitters aperitifs are dry and non-alcoholic.

What is a shrub?

Gently fermented shrubs have long been a part of American and English cottage lifestyles, as a way to preserve the bounty of the season. The bursting and juicy flavor of perfectly ripe fruits becomes a cordial in our kombucha-like fermentation process, and yes, SAVOR is packed full of pro-biotics. SAVOR’s Shrubs are based in the longstanding herbal tradition and cottage of preserving fruit in this way. Many shrubs that one would find in a bartender’s cabinet are created as a syrup. SAVOR’s Shrub Bitters are fermented to be “dry,” like many wines. We use wild local honey and live apple cider vinegar in our fermentation process, but all of our shrub bitters “open up” with a little sweetness, like simple syrup added when mixing.

What are bitters?

Bitters are a classic component of many mixed beverages. In alcoholic aperitifs, a tiny amount of bitters gives the drink an edge and complexity, adding interest. Bitters are known to promote healthy digestion and liver function. Many folks have a bottle of Angostura bitters, the key bitters in an Old Fashioned and many popular cocktails, tucked in the corner of the refrigerator or cabinet. Coffee, chocolate, and hops are popular bitters around the world. Though they are traditionally enjoyed with meals in cocktail aperitifs in many parts of the world, including Europe and South America, bitters can be hard to mix, so we’ve done the mixing for you! All you have to do is sit back and sip.


We hope you enjoy our SAVOR’s aperitif Shrub Bitters as much as we do. Each batch is made, fermented, pressed, and bottled by hand in very small, 8 gallon batches. SAVOR is always small-batch, handmade, with love. Thanks for the opportunity to share tasty beverages with you! Cheers!


What’s a SCOBY, and what do I do if I find one in my shrub bitters?

Congratulations! You have been blessed by the fermentation faeries. A SCOBY, "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast" is SAVOR Shrub Bitters’ active fermentation agent. Our SCOBYs come from live Apple Cider Vinegar. Live apple cider vinegar is said to come with “the mother,” (AKA, our friendly SCOBY). This far out and groovy mama is a fermentation powerhouse and resembles a fermentation alien in the bottom of some lucky shrub bitters bottles. You can use this SCOBY to start your own shrub bitters! Just add fruit, vinegar, some spices to a jar and pop that SCOBY-baby in! Give it a try and let us know if you make something fun!

Can I use my SAVOR Shrub Bitters in any other ways?

We’re glad you asked because the answer is an enthusiastic YES! Our bitters make the perfect salad dressing as an accompaniment with olive oil. (Lemon Spruce-Rite is a fave!) They’re amazing as a marinade for meats, poultry and seafood. (A dash of Orange Mango Spice on that salmon before baking…) They’re my constant buddies at the grill all summer as happy surprises in BBQ sauces. (Tart Cherry Pie BBQ Pork Ribs please!) And a dash of Blueberry Lemon Lavender in my blueberry compote made quite the treat on a waffle this morning. My most frequent use is a dash of shrub bitters in my quart mason jar of water for the morning- Lemon Spruce-Rite sets me right with my hydration! The sky’s the limit, so it’s up to you. What will you create?

SAVOR Shrub Bitters, LLC is a member of the Asheville Brewer’s Alliance and Pink Boots Society for women in brewing.

How much is a serving?

A serving of SAVOR Shrub Bitters is ½ oz to 1 oz depending on your preferences and cocktail/mocktail choice.


Blueberry Lemon Lavender: live apple cider vinegar*, blueberries*, wildflower honey, whole lemon*, raspberries*, blackberries*, dandelion leaf/root*, lavender*, ginger*, jujube dates, rosehips*, marshmallow leaf/flower*, elderflowers*, elderberries*, ume plum vinegar, chamomile* *=organic

Lemon Spruce-Rite: live apple cider vinegar*, whole lemon*, wildflower honey, Picea abies (spruce), star anise*, ginger* *= organic

Orange Mango Spice: live apple cider vinegar*, whole orange*, mango*, whole lemon*, wildflower honey, dandelion leaf/root*, rosehips*, ginger*, jujube dates, marshmallow leaf/flower*, turmeric*, calendula*, sumac berries, reishi mushroom, Mexican cinnamon*, black peppercorn*, clove*, nutmeg*, chamomile*, ume plum vinegar, cayenne pepper*, star anise* *=organic

Peach Hibiscus Rose: live apple cider vinegar*, peaches, wildflower honey, rosewater, hibiscus roselles*, jujube dates, hawthorn berries & leaf/flower*, ginger*, ume plum vinegar, elderflowers*, wormwood*, violet leaf *=organic

Tart Cherry Pie, Private Reserve: live apple cider vinegar*, tart cherry juice*, whole lemon*, black cherry juice*, dark sweet cherries, elderberries*, cardamom*, dandelion root*, ginger*, turmeric*, wildflower honey, coconut palm sugar*, vanilla bean powder, nutmeg*, ume plum vinegar, rose*, salt *=organic